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Shattered Glass on Ipod nano 5G

kerrylee2 -

iPod Nano 5th Generation

iPod Nano 5th Generation Glass Panel Replacement

iPod Nano 5th Generation Glass Panel Replacement


Mi Problema

I dropped my ipod multiple times and the glass shattered. I ordered the glass replacement and the plastic tools.

Mi Solucion

I was shocked at how easy it was. I did not have to take the ipod apart to replace the glass.

Mi Consejo

I removed some of the glass by using a small piece of duct tape. I taped the glass and then by pulling it off slowly some of the shards came off on the tape. By doing that it allowed me to use the tools to carefully scrap the edges to get the remaining glass off and the adhesive. That way you don't have to take apart the top end of your ipod. Then simply take of the protective plastic and the adhesive sticker on the back (the adhesive should only be around the small edges) and push it in. Easy and it looks brand new!

Imagen iPod nano (5th Gen) Glass
iPod nano (5th Gen) Glass


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