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I broke my macbook pro 17" lcd (non-glare)

wladimirklein -

Mi Problema

In order to bring my precious MBP 17" unibody to a safe place I pushed it under my sofa. Stupid me did not think about steel bars under the sofa reaching almost down to the floor - so I pushed the MBP under a steel bar and rammed the steel bar into the lid - result was a cracked LCD and psychedelic colors :)

Mi Solucion

First I had to remove the lid from the body - thanks to the iFixit picture story no problem. But then it got a little more tricky. First I had to remove the bezel - a stolen hotel key card came in as a nice tool for the job. Four small screws hold the lcd itself in position two on the top and two on the bottom. Those two are hidden under the rubber gasket. Then the plastic cover on the bottom had to be removed - just slide it to the right (or was it left?) side. Then gentility remove the lcd panel and watch out for the display cable and its delicate connector. Feed the display cable into the lid to give it more freedom. Unlock the cable from the panel and it is ready to be exchanged.

Reinstalling the new panel was no problem, just all previous steps in reverse order. The plastic cover on the bottom on the panel (which actually hides the WiFi module and antenna) is a little bitchy to reattach but with some endurance and tact it found back into its original location.

Mi Consejo

Dont do this if your both of your thumbs show to the right side ;-)

But if you have some sense for the guts of technical devices and some time (1-2h) the job can done...

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