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Replacing the HD in my MacBook

bullockpaul -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

5 - 30 minutos


Mi Problema

You buy these things and think "250GB is more storage than I'll EVER need - why my last computer had only a measly 40GB". Then, a few years down the line, you've got 15000 photos, weeks worth of music and actually, I'd like the convenience of playing video from my computer as well..

I'd toyed with some type of NAS, but upgrading the HD was the simplest and cheapest option. I figured ifixit know what they're doing so I bought the Drive from them and used their guides to do the upgrade.

Mi Solucion

Delivery was super quick. It was nice to watch my stuff travel around the world using the FedEx app.

Having the correct tools as part of the package was also invaluable. Even the spludger came in handy when I decided to give the memory compartment a once over.

I'd previously upgraded the Memory in my MacBook so wasn't too worried about the mechanics of replacing the HD. I was more worried about cloning my drive and having everything work ok at the end. Fortunately everything went to plan and the whole process (there was 200GB of data on the drive) took about 4 hours.

Mi Consejo

The Guide is good, It might be worth reviewing it for Lion users as some portions are slightly different. Essentially, it still works though. My MacBook took a while to start the first time using the new Drive and this was a slight heart-in-mouth moment, but there have been no problems since.

Spotlight indexes the new drive as well. This took about 40 mins for me.

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