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MacBook touch pad touched

buz -

Mi Problema

The cursor on the MacBook suddenly had a mind of it's own and didn't respond to the touch pad anymore. Neither did it behave using a wireless USB mouse.

Mi Solucion

I've been a remodeling contractor for 30 years and quite comfortable with 'BIG' tools. I had a small array of finer tools which I had used in the past on 4 or 5 other computer repairs, but always having to make the wrong tool do the job - a bit frustrating. This job had a fastener (tri-wing screw) that I could not find a tool of mine to get at so I splurged and bought the Pro Tech Tool Kit. What a joy! Having the right tool at my finger tips made the repair all the more enjoyable. The MacBook has a new lease on life thanks to iFixIt - your diligence producing the guides has enabled me to keep our computers going. Since we live 'in the sticks' (at the beach) many, many miles from any repair facility .... it's iFixIt to the rescue.

Mi Consejo

If you don't have the right tools, get them. If you think you can't, forget it - you can, it's a cake walk.

One thing could be mentioned in this guide and that is to be sure and properly center the new touch pad. I had to go back in to do this because my first time ended with the cursor 'mostly' behaving but it still wasn't quite right and I could see how the touch pad was mis-aligned, a little to one side. Fixing it was easy but would have preferred a note on this maybe.

No photos to share, had I know about the 'Tell Us Your Story' I would have taken a few shots of the process and my new tool kit. Next time.

Imagen de Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


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