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iPhone 4 almost repaired...

ijeffdavis -

Mi Problema

Windex sprayed into earpiece hole, could not hear caller.

Mi Solucion

Except for what I believe was a sub-quality part from eBay - it went OK, with the help of iFixit.

Replaced speaker and got it all reassembled ok, but now the sound sounds like it is going into the phone and not out through the earhole. Bad part?

Mi Consejo

This is the second time I've had problems with sub-quality parts.

It is a lot of trouble to repair an iPhone - buy good parts!

I have a few questions that would help other future users.

Question 1: I have the rubber piece on the edge of the logic board, is this right? (pretty sure)

Question 2: does the thicker piece go at the top or bottom. (top) to protect cable?

Question 3: Does it matter which way contacts point open at top or open at bottom, pretty sure I got it back in there how it came out with contacts open ended at the top. Could not tell from website.

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