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Battery issue, with apple error code #29 while restore

Neil -

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Dock Connector Replacement

iPhone 3GS Dock Connector Replacement


Mi Problema

The iphone 3GS stop working "no Power" would not accept charge, I order the battery from another outfit and replaced it. still would not accept charge. I then stumble on this web site and soon figure it's the "dock connector" thats cauing the problem, so I order an screw set and the "doc connector" a few days when by the parts arrives and I follow the Guide given here to remove and replace the "dock connector" what a breeze!! connect the usb cable and the phone charges at a very slow pace. There is another problem, the phone keep reboot itself, over and over again, I thought if I restore it maybe it will fix the problem. Not so fast each time I attempted the restore I would get a error Code 29 ( hardware problem) I only replace 2 hardwares on this phone, i chose to replace the battery first, order the battery from ifixit change it out, did an restore and sweet!! the phone is now back in order! thanks to u guys at ifixit

Mi Solucion

see above

Mi Consejo

allways do the cheapest thing first, vist this site and READ, follow the guides and u b fine!!

Imagen iPhone 3GS Dock Connector
iPhone 3GS Dock Connector


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