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Clyde's Classic Repair

clydegilbey -

iPod Classic

iPod Classic Display Replacement

iPod Classic Display Replacement

30 minutos - 1 hora

Very difficult

Mi Problema

Display was broken after many drops and dunks into water.

Mi Solucion

Challenging task but the instructions were excellent. The tools were valuable but would have been irrelevant without the detailed repair instructions. iPod worked flawlessly after the repair.

Mi Consejo

Consider replacing the front panel when replacing the display. My front panel is sratched and I could have really improved the overall display by also rplacing the front panel.

Imagen iPod Classic Color Display
iPod Classic Color Display


Imagen Spudger


Imagen 1.5" Thin Putty Knife
1.5" Thin Putty Knife


Imagen Metal Spudger
Metal Spudger


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