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Replacement SSD for MacBook Pro 15 Retina

Is there a replacement yet for the SSD?

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No, there is not. Do you already have a MBPR and want to upgrade, or are you holding out to buy one until you can upgrade it yourself? If storage is a huge issue, pay more for the 768 GB SSD. I can guarantee that a third party SSD is going to cost more than the price to upgrade from Apple, since OWC's 480 GB MacBook Air SSD is $700.

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Yes, I just got one about a month ago. I assumed when I bought it that I would be able to swap out the hard drive and/or ram just like any other apple laptop. Boy, was I surprised! So, is the SSD "soldered" onto the motherboard?

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The SSD is not soldered the RAM is.

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Just to verify then, when a compatible SSD becomes available, I'll have the option to do a self install?

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Donny - check out the iFixIt teardown, note the SSD is a sub assy bd. (Desmontaje de la MacBook Pro 15" con Pantalla de Retina de Mediados de 2012) We expect a 3rd party will offer an upgrade or two for the SSD as they did for the Air.

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Donny, if upgradeability is that important to you, return the laptop and buy the non-retina version. I'm surprised that someone like you—being so concerned with being able to upgrade your machine—didn't check our teardown before purchasing a new laptop.

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OWC has them.

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