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The Samsung Galaxy S II is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread."

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Is it possible to replace just the outer glass of the SGS2?

I am wondering it is possible to replace just the glass lens of the SGS2 and not the LCD? I have a cracked glass and the LCD is working fine - no dead/leaking pixels.

I went on amazon and ebay for replacement parts and found two different parts:

1. Around $10 but is just the front glass outer lens screen cover;

2. LCD and Touch Screen Digitizer (outer lens) for $140.00

Since my LCD is not damaged, I am hoping to get just the replacement outer glass lens.

After watching several videos, everyone is using the Frame Flex part (LCD plus Touch Screen) and no videos are showing just the replacement of the cracked front glass.

Is it possible to just replace the cracked outer glass?

Thank you in advance :)

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Got the same issue. Gonna try it this weekend.

Hope this helps!!

- de

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YES use a heat gun to loosen the glue behind the glass, then just pry it off.

you must replace the adhesive for the new glass screen. two sided tape works fine for me, its just not as strong.

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every phone is made different, some have just the glass/digi and then a LCD. And others have a single part that has all three pieces made together, in those cases if just the glass breaks, you have to replace the entire screen not just the glass.

from what I have seen on youtube is that its a 3 piece part [glass,digi,LCD] (most expensive)

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Thank you for your response, do you know of any videos or instructions showing this replacement?

The only videos I can find are replacement of both the LCD and glass.

- de

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Be very careful when removing the outer screen as to much heat could damage the lcd itself. If your inexperienced at this it maybe a risk you may regret. Prying off the glass is a slow process and great care must be taken no to scratch the LCD. But if your brave then every one should take a chance. Good luck

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dont do this i have done this it is not posible

see this video

it is not posible

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Don't Do This at all. People will rip You off saying it will be working , the fact is that digitizer is what makes it possible to type a message and not hit multiple keys at once.

Take note of those little dots every 5mm like a little white dot if held at an angle.

anyway in short Don't be fooled by Paying R350, only to be told you can ma pay in for entire LCD. this is what they do to trick You in getting the phone working, knowingly replacing it and keeping your money.

You have been warned.

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Try to buy a whole assembly , that is easier to attach

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