2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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After upper case replacement, chime but nothing else

My daughter's Unibody Macbook's keyboard stopped working, and the top case was broken near the ports, so I decided that it was time to do the upper case replacement. I ordered the upper case from here and used the instructions on the iFixit iPad app. (By the way, the iFixit iPad app is EXCELLENT - you can zoom the pictures, it's easy to move among the steps, ....)

Everything went well through the part where I took everything out and started reinstalling pieces. To keep track of the screws as I took them out I used a 3M lint roller (the paper tape kind) and just stuck the screws to the tape as I went.

I was able to reinstall everything pretty easily except for the video cable - I really struggled to get it back into the connector and get the silver clamp part to reattach. The foam padding kept getting in the way.

In any case, after putting everything back together, but before putting the bottom case on, I decided to give it a test run. Flipped it over, hit the power button, got the chime and then it seemed like the computer just shut off immediately. The screen never lit up, and while the fan did keep running, it wasn't obvious that it was running because the computer was running. [UPDATE: the power indicator light goes off implying to me that it's not running - I don't know if it's running or not, and the hard drive appears to continue spinning.]

My next thought is to hook it up to an external monitor and see if the problem is the video cable, but I'm not sure what else to try. Any thoughts or recommendations are welcome.


[An aside/follow-up: the package holding the upper case also included a little ziploc bag that had 4 tiny screws (which I've subsequently decided are for holding the trackpad onto the upper case) and 2 rubber "bumpers" (they're hard to describe, but they look like they want to go onto the corners of a hard drive - maybe they were used before the rubber bushings that are used now). Any ideas what this is all about?]

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You are on the right track connecting to an external monitor. Double check that connector... I've had connectors that "looked" good but were not making connections. If you've crossed pins on the connector while power was supplied to the unit you could have blown out something... eensure there's good support under the laptop where you are applying pressure and rock the connector into place.

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This is helpful; popped all the connections and reseated them - same result.

I went to the Apple store today and the person that worked with me took the computer into the back and did some "diagnostics." He came back and said that it was definitely running, but no power was coming out of the external miniDP port. He thought it was something that could be handled by "depot" repair for $280 flat fee that covers up to 5 parts being replaced, not including wiring, which I'm tempted to do now. It's cheaper than replacing the logic board (that's a covered repair if not damaged - weird).


Yea - IMHO you can't beat a depot repair, pull the trigger on that.


Going with depot repair - went in on Monday, we'll see what happens.


Depot repair done. Replaced logic board, hard drive, and hard drive cable. Also got bottom case replaced under a delamination QA program. Pretty happy with this result, actually. This computer now has a new logic board, new hard drive, new top and bottom case, and a new bezel. It's like a brand new computer!


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