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AC adapter versus DC-In board versus Logic board?

I have a 12" 1.33 GHz ibook G4 bought in 2006. My battery was not part of the battery recall program.

Battery Information

Battery Installed: Yes

First low level warning: No

Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 1790

Remaining Capacity (mAh): 0

Amperage (mA): 0

Voltage (mV): 6192

Cycle Count: 0

AC Charger Information

AC charger (Watts): 65

Connected: Yes

Charging: No

1) I had the AC adapter replaced in 2008 after dropping it on the floor a couple of times.

2) The battery stopped holding charge sometime in 2010 and I've been relying on the AC adapter ever since.

3) The clock on my iBook has been switching to Jan 1st 1970 since 2008.

3) My laptop has been shutting down insidiously since the last two weeks regardless on what program I'm using. I don't hear the start-up chime anymore. The color on the power cord insertion switches from orange to green intermittently when the battery is secured. It's a constant green when I remove the battery but switches to orange around shutdown.

I am technologically challenged so I apologize for any unwanted information I may have revealed above. But, I'm assuming the battery is done for. After resetting the NVRAM and PMU, the clock stopped acting up. However, the problem returned once I unplugged and plugged the adapter.

I'm very determined to solve this issue. And I want to thank this forum in educating me! It's absolutely phenomenal! I'd appreciate any help in reviving this machine.

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Your clock (along with other key user settings like screen resolution and printer) is "maintained" by a "backup battery" - except that model laptop has no backup battery, it used the "normal" battery. That explains your time/date "reset" when you had no battery in it, and why the "problem" (it's not really a problem is a software design to tell you lost all power) returned after the NVRAM & PMU reset.

The sudden shutdown could be due to myriad of issues. If you hear fans kick in before the crash, overheating. No fans, could be your HD (back up any important files now), or other failing component.

Repeated sudden shutdowns can screw up the master boot directory causing shutdown problems when data is attempted to be written to the HD. Boot from your install disk and run TOOLS Disk Utility:Repair Disk, and then as long as your there, Repair Permissions.

Yes your battery is dead... it's not normal for a used battery to report 0 cycles, and obviously it's no longer charging.

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Hi Machead,

Thanks for all the help. I ran the Hardware test and everything seems to be a-ok as far the harddrive is concerned (am I right in saying that?). I'm going to backup everything tonight (any easy way of doing that?).

Also, I ran the Repair Disk Permissions function on the HD.

I'm going to use the laptop intermittently tonight and see if it shuts down (no fans, just a click and poof usually). What does that leave us with?

I know I have to replace the battery for sure. Are they still selling them? Any third-party alternatives?


Yes they still sell them - Google Shopping or e-bay can find you some. You sorta get what you pay for so don't grab the absolute cheapest one, you may end up returning it (I've seen some of the Chinese batteries malfunction right out of the box.) Click and poof, eh? How many and what type peripherals do you usually have attached?


None! I'm such a simple user and this is the first time I'm trying to 'repair' anything. I was moving and shaking my laptop last night (literally!) and realized that the power cord insertion into the ibook may have a weak connection. When I gently push the wire down, the light changes to orange and the laptop shuts down. So I guess this happens when I try and move around with the laptop.

I'm going to try and buy a battery first. What do you think of the DC-in board? It's been 6 years since purchase ... you think it might be fried by now?


Yea FWIW - laptops were never really meant to be used while moving. The HD can be damaged, and they are often dropped or bobbled. Laptops are "portable" compared to a desktop, the way a tailer is portable compared to a house. iPhones, iPads have solid state components, but even still you're expected to sit down and stay in one place to use them. The old style charging ports get a much heavier workout than the new magnetic ones... replacing the port or DC in board would not be out of line at this age.


Oops, what I meant was, I keep shifting the position every 20 mins while working on it . The other day I just gave it a bit of a shake (while holding it) to see if the power cord connection to the ibook was the culprit. My last question was why would the outer ring light switch to orange when it shuts down spontaneously (without the battery inserted). When there's no battery, what is it trying to charge? I'm learning so much from your answers and these forums and instead of 'running away' from the problem I've actually developed a new interest. Thank you so much for 'educating' me. Do you reckon I take it to the Apple Genius first and try a new adapter at the store before splitting its guts out to replace the DC in board?


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