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Trackpad Button Not working But keyboard is Fine


My trackpad Botton seems to be not working correctly , I have spent Hours on Google and many people seem to have same problem But there keyboard is Not working also . where my keyboard seems to be working fine ..

Basically when I use the button it grabs and does not let go , i can push the button 5-10 times and will eventually let go but seems slowly getting worst ..

I have read posts about putting a Paper under the Cable But this does not seem to work - But the other small Flat Cable from the button to the trackpad circuit - if i wiggle seems to let go , paper or nothing seems to help .. the actual trackpad seems Ok does occasionally also Grab and not let go but not as much as the Button ..

I have read That you can replace the whole Cable to the Track Pad - But can you replace the small cable from trackpad to the Button ??

Nothing has been spilt on the Computer and I have tried cleaning under and around the button with a piece of paper etc ..

So does anyone have any suggestions - can I replace the small cable ? or do I have to Buy a whole top case or the main Trackpad cable ??

Thanks Mark

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If you can find the parts you could replace them - a simple fast workaround is a bluetooth or USB mouse.

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Sounds like it's out of adjustment, there is a silver torx that you can adjust the pressure for the click if it feel flat no matter what the you need to replace the trackpad

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