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Modelo núm. A1367 / Capacidad de 8, 16, 32 o 64 GB

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iPod 4th gen does not power up after screen repalcement


I replaced my ipod 4th gen screen due to cracks (old screen still worked). Once everything was exchanged I connected the replacement and it worked (after the white screen went away). I've replaced three others screens in the past without incident.

I disconnected to place the various adhesive tapes and when I reconnected the ipod does not come on using the sleep/wake/power button or when I plug it into the computer.

This happened with a previous screen (for the same unit) and I thought it was the screen so I sent it back and purchased a new one from another seller.

All cables appear to be in tact and connected properly.

Any help would be great.

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I think I know the answer to your problem from my experience of replacing ipods:

make sure that you have not damaged the logic board of the iPod because if you did you would have to replace that too. Also make sure that the LCD is properly connected to the logic board and that the black square that connects it is not damaged

Hope this helped

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Thanks for the help!!!

I managed to get music to play until it ran the battery out. I think it was when i pressed and held the home button. Initially it said "no music playing" or something like that. The next time I did it the music started. I found out, from the owner, that the home button didn't work in the past due to the busted screen.

I still had a white screen when the music was playing; initially when I plugged it in to the computer, and when I unplugged it.

Once it died I checked the connections and the logic board and all seem to be good.

I'll post once I recharge the device.

- de

ok - recharger, itunes and iphoto recognize the device but still have initial white screen that goes to black after a few seconds. Any other thoughts?

- de

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Try to reset it by holding the home button and stop hold button down at the same time for 10 seconds or so. It should power up.

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