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Modelo núm. A1367 / Capacidad de 8, 16, 32 o 64 GB

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Can not get the white screen to go

Hi Folks

i really hope you can help.

i have an ipod touch 4th gen, i have changed the screen and it was working for a short time after. like a few minutes. while i had it apart.

but i switched the ipod off put it all back together and i am now getting the white screen.

the sound is still working and so are all of the buttons, i can hear the lock and unlock sounds and i can turn on voiceover with a triple click and the volume on that will go up and down but i just cant get rid of the white screen.

i have tried all of the fixes i can find on here and on google but nothing seems to be working.

i have tried the screen on another ipod 4th gen and it works on that without error.

pls help

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1 Respuesta

If you tried a hard reset and that did not work (pressing both the stop/hold and home buttons) you will need to drain the battery until it is dead and then charge it again. That will reset it. If you have not stuck the front panel down in the adhesive take a small resistor and put it between the positive and negative terminals on the battery. If you have stuck it in adhesive just keep powering it up to the white screen every time you think about it and eventually it will go dead. When it does not respond anymore charge it and cross our fingers but it should work after it gets enough of a charge. Good luck and let us know how you do!

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