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Screen Stains that won't go away

My flatmate used my new MBP 15" Retina today, got finger stains on it and then went to clean it. They say just with tap water, but there are stains all over the screen like a smudgy mist that won't come off - i think they used some kind of washing up liquid or soap.

I've tried a micro fibre cloth, and special bought lcd cleaner, but its not worked, the smudges are all there still.

What is the best way to get rid of them if it is caused by some kind of soap? OR am i looking a paying for a costly replacement?

Please help!

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Sorry to heat that.

But if it doesn't come off, it is probably not something ON the screen, but rather the AR or anti-glare coating coming OFF. If that is the case it it non-reparable, will only grow and to fix it the screen case must be replased - something that is not covered by warranty... still as of late January 2015, Apple refuses to address the problem. Replacement will cost you something like 1/3 of the original price.

See this link and please contribute if you share this problem:



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I have same problem top around the camera. Tried everything listed here but did not remove it. My Mac Book is only 8 months old; never been out of the house.

I will still take to Apple Store and see what they say.

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UPDATE Send your complaint with attached picture of your screen to Elaine Embrink, Relations Executive EMEIA,

It is important that everybody writes to Elaine. For Apple does not recognise this as a general problem, ONLY as something affecting individual users. And as long as they do this, they can distance themselves from it. Therefore we must ALL complaint individually - and it must continue.

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A useless exercise in futility. Sent email with details; no acknowledgement or reply. Others have said same. They do not care and are not going to replace without a Class Action suit. I am really disappointed about Apple.

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I had the same problem, had. My MacBook Pro Retina 2012 15" had smears on the screen that wouldn't go away with water and careful cleaning, so I thought what the heck, it's glass, I'll clean it like glass. That was a mistake, the anti-reflective coating on the display is extremely fragile and of course some of it came off when I cleaned the display.

After half a year of back and fourth with Apple for several other problems with the Notebook, Apple replaced the entire motherboard after it overheated and I decided it was worth paying for a new display - so I bought one online, as Apples price is around 800€ and you can get replacement screens for the notebook starting at 250€. Once the Notebook was 90% a new notebook I sold it and decided I would not buy one again. I'm using an iMac and an iPad these days, despite needing a notebook on the go.

If you have to use a Notebook, buy the retina and immediately before you boot it even once, apply a screen protector that sticks though static charge.

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I would be contacting Apple about this. You're still under warranty and this could be a "undiscovered feature" of retina displays. I only found one thread about this at the Discussion board - normally that's where this sort of chatter gains momentum. (If you have to create an ID to use the link, you could try your new Apple ID, or just make one they are free)

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Apple refuses to cover this problem even during warranty. They say it is caused by carrying your laptop (portsble laptop, mind you) in a bag or from wrong cleaning.

Go to to find email addresses and send your written complaint to them and to Apple, 1 Infinite Loop, Copertino, CA some area code.

Lets put max pressure on Apple.

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It is a shame, as how should I carry my laptop(s) then? I am always using a bag.

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Have same problem. Mac Book is less than year old. Started about 4 weeks ago. It has never been in a case or even out of the house. Will take to Apple store and see what they say.

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I have the same issue with my MacBook Pro.....Apple needs to address least have a warning so you know not to clean the screen..... awful customer service.....

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I have the same problem , i thought it is because either i have cleaning my screen with apple special cleaner or because I carry lap top in my bag, so what is the solution

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Keep your eye on news about a possible Class action suit

Retina MacBook Pro ‘Staingate’ might be getting its own class action suit

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Did they get a lawsuit? How can I enter my macbook for it? I treat my macbook like my baby and it has those spots which do not come off.

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I know it sounds dumb but if try to make the smudge bigger it makes it look less worse (at least in my case). I used my fingers to spread out the smudge and make it bigger, in a sense, and then a paper towel by cleaning in a circular motion…. I used alcohol, but im not sure if everyone’s screen will be ok with that, lol.

hope it helps! it did for me

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didnt you read the stain gate article? they said use only microfiber cloth, listerine or white vinegar. mine was all over my screen and I thought am I stupid? I cant clean this. but this did the trick; shame on apple, its a flaw in the antiglare anti reflective coating. this should have all been recalled and replaced for free. vinegar worked best, you are removing the degrading antireflective coating. so you can see.

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there is some 4 year replacement thing apple will do, but I was past 4 years. I thought I was crazy and wasnt cleaning properly.

it on them

defective coating

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