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Will this work with PC formatted drives?

I can think of no reason why a mechanical solution such as this will not work with drives formatted for a PC. But because they are not specifically included on the compatibility list, here is my "dumb" question.

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I am confused :) What mechanical solution are we talking about, what device are you dealing with?

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By mechanical device I mean the "Hard Drive Adapter" itself.

I have a few old PC formatted hard drives and Mac drives of various sizes and interfaces. I want to know if the disk formatting makes a difference to whether ofr not I will be able to see the drive with this adapter if it is plugged into a PC and not a Mac.

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So you do have an adapter? What type of adapter do you have? Different OS's may see that there is a drive, but wont access it until formatted with a compatible OS

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No. Thinking of buying this #Product code: IF107-108-1 Universal Drive Adapter

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ivortevans, yes that device will work with those drives. Again, if your a using Mac OS it will most likely not recognize the file structure, but it should recognize the device. Same in the Windows environment. Just make sure that you read the compatibility and the incompatibility list.

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Thanks for your advice oldturkey03 . I bought the adapter and it worked well. I had to replace the power connector as the original developed a crack, but it worked fairly well with my SATA drives (still does) and my IDE drives (not anymore). I cannot get the IDE disks to mount on my PC running Windows 7 64 bit. The same OS I had when the drive adapter worked with everything. I am pretty sure it is a software configuration issue as I can see the drive using the disk management utility of Windows. The disk just will not Initialize due to an I/O Error. Does anyone have a fix for me?

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