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6,1 megapíxeles, ISO 200-1600, formato DX, recorte del campo de visión de 1,5x

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How do I repair the top LCD?

The top LCD is fading where the remaining shots are displayed. Also, a few of the flash modes don't display. I've barely used the camera (4,700 actuations since 2004). I tried looking through the guides but the closest one seems to be removing the top cover. Is that the guide I should follow? Does anyone have any advice regarding the correct part number? Or could this be resolved by reseating the LCD and/or ribbon cable?

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Michael Braun, it looks like you should get to it with the top cover removed. It appears that it is attached with 2 screws and soldered to the PCB. The external LCD FPC unit part number is 1C998-628. Hope this helps, good luck.

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