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Modelo A1237 o A1304 / 1.6, procesador 1.8, 1.86 o 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo

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Space key cleaning or rework

Few days ago the space key is not so sensitive. I tried to clean with press air but the result is zero. How can I rework that button without any damage?


As I realized the bottom side of upper case impacted by some water and or oil by the previous owner.

How can I clean that?

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Is it sticking? Have you spilled anything on it? Do you have children or a girlfriend?

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No it doesn't stick and as I know nobody spilled anything on it.

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Based on that video

I just lifted up the space bar adn tried to clean it but the result wasn't enough for me. I think the small rubber cap lost its flexibility. Due to that fact I just used some glue and a small paper square (thickness is 1-2mm only). That small thing has been increased the sensitivity to my expected level :)

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See this similar problem.

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An "Apple expert" replaced the battery of my macbook air last week. To fix the new battery there are a lot of screws, but one is just behind the space tab. The person who did it made a mistake and used a screw too long that press the space tab from inside and create a deformation, making the space tab to loose sensitivity. When this key doesn't work writing is the ##$*!

I opened the mac myself following the ifixit instructions, discovered the problem and changed the screw for the correct one: problem solved!

I hate the Mac technical support in Barcelona

I love ifixit

Wish my experience will help someone

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+ nice fix Jorge

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