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Black screen with white blinking line on start up

I have a problem, I have a LG x110 Mini laptop.

It worked perfect until two days ago. When I start the laptop I just get a black screen with a white "line" blinking. Nothing happens. I recently changed the harddrive so it can't be a harddrive problem...

I've Linux Ubuntu installed it on.

I've tried to start up the laptop with a USB installation for both Linux Ubuntu and Windows 7 but nothing happens. I've tried it with diffrent USB flashdrives just in case any of them were broken. I also tried to put the USB in all the diffrent USB ports on the computer.

The ONLY thing I can do is to get in to teh BIOS.

Any suggestion?

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You installed a new hard drive...make sure it is still detected by the BIOS.

Make sure the hard drive is listed first in the BIOS boot order.

Try unplugging all USB devices before booting.

Reinstall GRUB using a LiveCD. Instructions are too lengthy to write here...go to this page and read the section titled .. "Fixing a Broken System - Reinstall from the LiveCD ".


This solution works for some people ...

1. LiveCD boots into a blank screen.

When you see the boot menu when you boot LiveCD, hit F6 and select the “nomodeset” option.

2. Boots into a blank screen after install.

Reboot and keep your finger on the “SHIFT” key till you get the grub menu. Highlight the first entry and replace “quiet splash” with “nomodeset” . Hit CTRL + X to continue booting. Once logged in install the latest Graphics drivers. System -> Administration -> Additional Drivers

When you say the same thing happens even when booting from LiveCD....try changing the boot order in BIOS to cd/dvd first...perhaps it is still trying to boot from the hard drive even when the Live CD is inserted?

Out of curiosity..have you tried any other boot Hirens, or Barts PE..or even a Windows install disk?

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Thanks for the help. The problem is that I can't even start with the Live CD. The same problem comes up when I try to start with a Live CD.

Any other suggestions?

- de

put your old hard drive back in and see what happens? maybe it's just not meant to be this type of HDD?

- de

The thing is that the laptop did work with this new harddrive for like 1 week and than one day when i started it...the only thing that came up was this black screen with the white blinking line.

I cant start it from a live cd either, nothing happens.

Any other suggestions?

- de

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