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Segunda generación de iPhone. Modelo A1241 / 8 o 16 GB de capacidad / plástico negro o blanco de nuevo. La reparación es más sencilla que el primer iPhone. Requiere destornilladores, curvas y herramientas de succión.

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False "overheat" warning after changing battery

I just changed the battery in my daughters iPhone 3G. Pretty straight forward as I've done it a few times on other iphones (which all went ok!).

The moment I started hers back up though, I got the dreaded "overheat" message with the big yellow triangle.

There's no signs of warmth at all, and it happened the moment it booted up - so I can only say it's false.

Any ideas? I might try just stripping it down again and putting it all back together to see if it's a dirty connector etc. I did blow off everything when it was apart though.

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Well, I 'sort of' figured it out. It's the new battery (it would seem).

Pulled the new one out, slapped the old one back in (boy am I getting fast at it!). No problems. Well, aside from the old battery dying very quickly. But no more bogus/false overheat warning.

So I guess we all now know "Where is the temperature sensor located"!

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Hi drfiero, Thank you for posting your issue and for solving it. :-) Honestly! I think that others can learn from this experience. Steffen

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Wheeee! Just love responding to myself. :)

Got it figured out now. I'm an idiot evidently, and ordered the wrong battery. I must have just clicked on a wrong link, and ordered a battery for a 3GS, not a 3G (I knew it was a 3G!).

So there ya go - at least everyone else can benefit from MY blunder. We now all know what happens when you try to install the wrong battery in the wrong phone. :)

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I have same issue, using 1600 battery purchased off ebay. I even re-installed leaving a 1/8" gap along bottom end of battery for heat dissipation. NO Luck. I originally suspected battery was too thin for charging components on battery to feel cool.

Now, after reading customer reviews on Amazon and sellers' notes, I see that these batterys' heat sensors are incompatible with iOS 4.0 and above.

Look for OEM replacement batteries for your 3G iphones... I haven't found any, just yet, but I'm still looking.

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