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What would cause the battery not to charge?

My laptop works when plugged into the power source. Battery shows that power source is connected, but will not charge. If I unplug the power source, it will run from the battery. But since, I cannot charge the battery--if I do this for long, it will obviously go dead (and I cannot charge it). Replaced the battery, same problem with new battery. I took battery to Batteries Plus. They said it should charge. It was at 30% and I did get it to charge up to 40%. I tried to shut down, remove power source & battery, then held power button for 5 secs, then connected battery & power cord before starting. After this, the battery charged to 48%, now it has stopped charging again.

Please help, I cannot afford a new computer. Since computer runs with power cord, I am thinking this is not the problem.

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First let find out the actual staus of your batteries. Download and run Coconut battery and let us know your results. It would also help to know your exact machine, that can be done by giving us the last three figures of your serial number, usually found on the side wall of your battery compartment. What I think the problem may be right now is your battery connector. Please look in the battery compartment and examine it for corrosion or anything that might be amiss.

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Here are the battery stats, according to Coconut Battery:

Current Battery Charge: 2555 mAh

Maximum Battery Charge: 4799 mAh


Current Battery Capacity: 4799 mAh

Original Battery Capacity: 4400 mAh


Additional Information

Battery Loadcycles: 1024

Age of your mac: 93 months

Charger connected: Yes

Bettery is Charging: No

Last 3 digits of serial number are "PLG".

I see no corrosion in the battery compartment.

If I shut down, disconnect battery & power cord, hold down the power button for 5 seconds, then reassemble and restart (sorry--can't remember what this is called.....PMU?) the battery will be charged about 5% and then it stops charging..

Update: I just discovered that removing the battery and putting it back in with the power source connected will cause it to charge about 5% before it stops charging. It will show power source connected, but not charge the battery. So it was probably the reinsertion of the battery earlier (not the resetting of the PMU) that allowed the battery to charge a little. I do not think resetting the PMU did anything noticeable.

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Apple PowerBook G4 1.33 12" (Al) Specs

Identifiers: 12-Inch DVI - M9183LL/A* - PowerBook6,4 - A1010 - 1986

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I've never seen a battery with that many loadcycles. Try running Coconut with the new battery and see what you get.

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This is the only battery that I have. Since the computer does not recharge it (or hasn't until the past few days when I discovered that I can take the battery out and get a few percentage points at a time), it has only been drained once (so it is new). I always keep the power source plugged in. Occasionally it comes unplugged and I do not notice it, that is what slowly drained the battery down.

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