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Model A1204 / 1 or 2 GB capacity

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washed my shuffle, can it be fixed,

Washed my shuffle. Sat drying for a month before trying anything. Was able to charge and sync with my pc. But when I plug in my headphones, I get no sound. Can it be fixed?

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Here's where to get the part you need:

Here's how to install it: iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation Teardown

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First thing you should try is another pair of headphones, if that doesn't work, the problem is most likely a bad headphone jack, unfortunately iFixit does not sell them, but you can get them cheap elsewhere, for example you can find a cheap shuffle on ebay with a bum logic board but fine headphone jack.

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I have exactly the exam problem. Were you able to fix it? and if so could you give me the details of where you you got it fixed or found the parts? Thanks : )

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The part is linked in mayer's post. you can use the "teardown" as a guide. i would try to clean the headphone jack with isopropyl alcohol first - but thats up to you

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