Power Button Resets the whole machine.

i received a Macbook pro Mid 2010 2.66 ghz core i7. It was liquid damage. I change the Keyboard but the problem is same. logic board was cleaned properly. During charging when we press the power button the charger's amber light turns green at the same time. I tried to power up logic board only with battery no luck. After putting back the logic board inside it power up without pressing power Button. I checked normally if have any damage to logic board nothing found. It powers up if you remove anything from the logic board (like removing the wifi cable from the Logic board turns on the laptop or removing the battery jack from the logic board and putting back turn on the laptop without pressing power button). if i pressed the power button it resets the whole machine like we doing a manually SMC reset. Help

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No body can help about this ?

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seems like a logic puzzle..but to get the clues straight first. Will not power up if the battery is in? And if a cable is disconnected (is this for any and every cable???) then machine will power up. will it power off when you reconnect cables or in any other way? Are the cables that turn off the computer connected in any way? or located near each other? could this be a grounding issue with the case?

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no its not turning off if we put back the same cable in the jack . sometimes it will on if we put back the jack inside.

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any one knows about this ?

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