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Segunda generación de iPhone. Modelo A1241 / 8 o 16 GB de capacidad / plástico negro o blanco de nuevo. La reparación es más sencilla que el primer iPhone. Requiere destornilladores, curvas y herramientas de succión.

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Replaced Battery and Docking port

I ordered an new Battery and a new docking port for my old iPhone 3G. Followed the repair manuals as best as i could. Once it was all assembled went to test it out and let it charge. After charging for an hour went to turn on the device, it acted like it was going to boot with the apple logo and then it went blank. It would only get that far if it was directly plugged into a wall otherwise it would not even attempt a boot up. I assumed it was an issue with the docking port i put in, so i took it all part again and redid the entire thing and still nothing works. I have no idea what could be the issue here. Any help would be awesome.

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Does it charge while plugged into an AC adapter? Why did you change the battery and dock connector? What happened that made you change it?


The port for the docking connector was broken and took some work to even plug the phone in and when it did charge the battery would not hold the charge for long even after a fresh install with nothing running that would soak up that much battery. And no it does not seem to charge while on the AC Adapter, the phone is currently off and does not appear to charge.


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legibryn, the first thing I would do is to recheck all my work. Disassemble it again, just leave the dock connector for now. Plug your phone in and measure the voltage on the battery connector. You should get around 3.7volts. Anything way less than that would indicate that you are not getting power to the battery. If you do get appropriate voltage, your new battery may be a dud and not charge/hold any power. If it does not get the voltage required, double check your dock connector. It is possible that there is a problem with the installation, or you got a bad part. Also, and this is important, check the charging fuse with a multimeter, make sure you have continuity. If it does not have continuity, you can try to replace it, (requires tools and knowledge of soldering a very small SMD part) or place a jumper across it. Problem with that would be that you can cause further damage. The fuse for the 3G is compatible with 0435002 from Littelfuse. The datasheet is available right here. Hope this helps to get you started, good luck.

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