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First generation of the Suzuki SV650

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no start condition but there is a spark

it appears that the fuel does not reach the carborators

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tal, there could be plenty of errors. Check your fuel filter, make sure your fuel lines are not kinked or broken. Check your fuel pump, and make sure it is working. If the fuel reaches your carbs, check the float in your carburetor bowls, and the needle valves. Make sure that your vacuum line to the vacuum fuel valve is not cracked or lost, if there is no vacuum to the valve, it will not open the fuel line. One thing your can try carefully is to squirt some fuel inside your carb, or directly inside your cylinder and see if it fires up. It is unlikely that both carbs would be failing at the same time, so I do agree that it is most likely that this is a fuel delivery problem, as well as a timing issue. You should take a look at the spark plug face and see if the plugs are clean, have the proper gap and are not wet of oil and fuel. Download the service manual from here and see what you get. Again, this is a problem that will require a systematic approach. Hope this helps to get you started, good luck.

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take the vacuum line off, disconnect the fuel line going to the carbs, add an out source vacuum and see what happens. if fuel do not come out replace valve.


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I want to try and spray some gas into the carburetor first. Not sure what product to buy to do that. Someone on the internet suggested Quakerstate One-Lube Penetrating Oil, but I can't seem to find that product, maybe there is another brand that will do the same thing. The regular manual and the shop manual does not tell you exactly how to remove the carburetor although I can probably figure it out myself. This engine on my generator. Thanks for any help.

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