Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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Home button not working, but OK after OFF/ON or power attached

My wife's iPhone had sporadic issues with the home button not working, but after switching it off, then on again, the problem could be remedied. Also switching on when attached to iTunes via the cable worked. Now it has gotten worse to a point where the problem happens daily. At the moment, the most reliable way is to attach / detach the charger cable one or two times.

Apple official procedure (going to standby via standby button and waking it up via home button) doesn't work, neither does going into an Apple app and pressing home for a couple of seconds.

After it works again, there is no indication that home button hardware is at fault - when it works, the button is responsive everytime, no wiggling, no need for firm pressing etc.

Does it make sense to replace the home button under these circumstances? Could it be a power issue?

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OK, just for everyone else: It seems to be a hardware issue with the button despite what I wrote.

The button works again after I plug in the plug, even if it is not yet connected on the other side. Obviously, the damage is so small that after the fix, it works for some time again even if you remove the cable.


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Is it an iphone 4 or 3g or 3gs?

iPhone 4: replace the home button. Remember the round metal thing, that makes the "click" sound. And be sure that the screen doesn't affect the home-button flex's possition etc.

iphone 3g: first replace home button. Notice the pin-connectors on the homebutton-flex, and the dock connector. Ensure that they connect. (you could use adhesive tape to place the connector on its right position - market on the frame).

NOT WORKING?: Replace dock (the whole dock)

iPhone 3gs: replace home button. No need to check the pins because iphone 3gs home button has longer pins.

If it doesnt work, replace the dock.

This should solve. :)

EDIT: just noticed that it was a iPhone 4, sorry.

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Thanks. I had a similar problem, and these answers fixed it!


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I also had the same issue with my iPhone, I managed to fix it by using a hydrocarbon aerosol spray, and spraying it onto the home button, letting it soak in, and pressing the button 50 times approximately, then spraying more into the button. I think metholated spirits would work also, as pure alcohol evaporates quick after cleaning the dirty button. Keep pressing the home button to allow it to soak underneath and presto! Guaranteed to fix it!

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you can always go in to settings-accessability-assitive touch. this will give you a home button on the screen. solves the problem the manual home button is faulty.

hope this helps

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