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La línea de laptops iBook de Apple fue planeada para el consumidor y los mercados educativos. La línea de iBook consta del iBook G3 Clamshell, G3 12", G3 14", G4 12", y G4 14".

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Changing parts from one to another?

Hello, I wonder about the possibilities to use parts from iBook 12 inch LCD on the models G3 and G4. Parts as hard drive, battery, keyboard and well there must be more parts changeable? I'm thinking about buying used parts!

Thankful for answers.


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The LCD panel (But not the assembly) can be used in either computer, the batteries are also cross compatible, As is the hard drive, Keyboard, And charger. The logic boards, RAM, and Optical drives however, are not interchangeable.

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These parts can be swapped between the 12" iBook G3 and the G4


- LCD panel

- front bezel (inscription wont match)

- hinges

- back cover (with Apple logo) color wont match

- inverter board

- display latch mechanism

NB: cables CAN'T be swapped (connectors wont match on logic board).

Other compatibles parts:

- keyboard (please read rj713 comment)

- battery (color wont match)

- AC adapter

- hard drive (IDE 2'5" HD)

- bottom case screws and rubber feet (color wont match)

All other parts are model specific and can't be swapped:

- ram

- optical drive

- top case

- airport card

- logic board

- heat sink

- internal metal frame

- DC in board

- HD & optical drive cables

- fan

- etc.

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IIRC some keyboards won't work on some upper cases of the same model because of a groove in the top case is required for a proper fit. Ralph

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thanks rj713, I edited my answer.

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Thank you. Nice to know.


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