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Replace MacBook Pro Display with PowerBook Display?

I have a working 15" MacBook Pro (A1260) with a broken display and a broken 15" PowerBook (A1106) with a working display. It occurred to me that I may be able to switch out the display of the working MacBook. I found instructions on how to remove each one but in the PowerBook guide it doesn't specifically talk about the display data cable. In the picture (in step 18) it does look similar to the one for the MacBook (Step 15).

It's not worth buying a proper display replacement, I can still use an external monitor with the MacBook plus it's not my main computer. But since I'm trashing the PowerBook anyway I thought it was worth trying. I realize I'm losing the webcam, the front latch won't work and they're physically not the exact same size but aside from those things....does anyone know if this might actually work? The hinge appears to be the right dimensions.


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The cable from the Powerbook display is not compatible to connect to the Macbook Pro logic board so you can't interchange these parts.

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