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Procesador modelo M7572 / 400 o 500 MHz G3

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Broken fan-cable to socket connection?

PowerBook Pismo G3

On replacing the soundcard on my Pismo i accidentally pulled the fan cables out of the socket. There is a violet, a brown and a black one. But i don't know in what order/ to which connection they are supposed to go.

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Here's the guide for replacing the sound card, see if it helps: PowerBook G3 Pismo Sound Card Replacement

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thanks mayer. this is the guide i used. even at a closeup i cant figure out where the three cables from the fan should go though...

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Try a web search for Apple part # 922-4194 and images and see if you can tell that way.

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Purple on top, Brown in the middle, Black on the bottom. (as you see it looking at the laptop normally)

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