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Power on self test Failed

G4 17 1ghz/1gb M8793LL/A-Powerbook5,1 - A1013 Power PC G4 3.3

In Diagnostics under Power On Self Test: I am getting

Last Run: today

Result : Failed

Failure Type: External Cache

What does this usually mean?

I do not really see a problem anywhere.

Hard drive problem? CPU? ...Something else?

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You may notice some small degradation in speed. Sometimes a good internal cleaning will solve the problem. If all else is working OK, I really wouldn't worry to much about it.

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Thank you.

I can probably learn how to do an internal cleaning here on Ifixit.

I also notice that my L3 Cache does not show up in the system profiler.

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It used to show 1MB DDR L3...and now not.

- de

Here's how to get to the heat sink, fans and rear vent to clean them out, you may want to reapply thermal paste at this time: PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" 1-1.67 GHz Heat Sink & Fan Assembly Replacement

Here's the paste I use: Arctic Silver Thermal Paste Here's a generic guide on doing it: Cómo aplicar pasta térmica

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Could the need for a cleaning account for the "failed" test result and the disappearance of the L3 cache readout as stated above?

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