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Is it possible to upgrade to Intel chips to use Snow Leopard?

My PowerBook has two slots for chips but only one slot is working. I would like to continue using it. So, is it cost effective to repair and upgrade as opposed to purchasing a new machine?

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Hi! I'm not sure I completely understand your question. The memory slots that you are referring to are for RAM, not the processor, so they really have nothing to do with Intel vs non-Intel. In addition, the 12" PowerBook only has one memory slot, so I assume you probably have a 15" or 17" PowerBook.

But in short, no, there is absolutely no way to upgrade a PowerBook to an Intel processor so that you can install Snow Leopard. It can use Leopard if you have at least 512MB of RAM (more would be recommended), but Snow Leopard will never work on this machine.

In addition, there is no cheap and effective way to repair memory slots, and it pretty much comes down to replacing the logic board, which is most cases with PowerBooks is not worthwhile, due to the cost of replacement logic boards, and the effort required to do the swap. If you want to continue using this machine, I'd recommend putting a 1GB memory module in the remaining slot. 1GB should be sufficient to run Tiger or Leopard, and enough memory to perform most functions.

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hmm.. The PowerBook G4 12" is a Power PC Computer - It has 1 Ram slot..

Snow Leopard does not run on Power PC Computers..

You cannot change parts of the computer to make it something that is not..

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