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When the pump starts the machine stops and the door locked light stays

When the pump starts the machine stops and the door locked light stays on. Replaced pump and same thing

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Hi @richardtho60578

Try running the service diagnostic tests as shown on p.2 by the tech sheet (W10740624 Revb) for the washer and check what error codes are being displayed.

There's a chart at the bottom of p.3 that details how to interpret the status lights to know what code it is.

On p.6→p.7 there's a list of the error codes and their possible causes.

If you find a faulty part and it needs replacing here's the parts list that is useful.

When you have located the wanted part in the list you'll find that the manufacturer's part number is listed with the part. Search online for the part number only, to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Hey hi Richard, washing machine problems are now-a-days going quite common. You might be facing this problem may be because of majorly 3 problems I suspect to happen.

Faulty Door Lock, it might happen that the machine thinks that the door is open, however due to the malfunction of the door, machine stays locked. You might need to have a check on the door lock.

Inspect the wiring, machine moves a lot, it might happen that an important wire might have got broken or something like that. Try checking the wires and let me know if you see a broken one. I can help you get it replaced.

Control board issue, a very common issue in washing machine now-a-days. You need to get your control board replaced if none of the solutions above work. This might need a professional but if you are comfortable with that, go ahead with 2X caution as bad wiring and while putting your control board or working on it, you may break the wires or you may get them in the wrong position, making the washing machine crazy or not even turning (with damaging of parts).

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have some more doubts, I am there on iFixit on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday. It may take time to answer but don't worry, I will reply under a week (maximum). Thank you.

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