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My CD and DVD drive not working

The drive ejects both CD and DVDs. It tries to read them first, then ejects after about 20 seconds. It is worth replacing the drive? or just getting an new computer altogether? What are the costs involved?

thank you

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Your optical drive may just need a good laser lens cleaning. Buy a lens cleaner disk and do the cleaning job. I prefer a manual lens cleaning using a Qtip and isopropyl alcohol but that means you have to open the iBook bottom case to reach the optical drive. Well anyway you have to open the machine to replace the drive.

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Well, the drives are fairly cheap (~$20- search eBay)- heck, I have one you could buy off me-, but the repair can be somewhat lengthy. (guide here)The most difficult part is keeping the screws all separate.

Of course, you could always look into an external drive. Though more expensive, it's certainly easier.

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Links to > $20 drives? Links to how to replace drive? Links to external drives? Don't be lazy, do the work because you know where to find it and they may not. no down vote

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I don't know if I would trust ebay for a optical drive. If iFixit doesn't have what you need here is a URL to a supplier I've found reliable. Ralph

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