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La Nintendo 3DS XL 2015, comercializada como New Nintendo 3DS XL, se lanzó el 11 de octubre de 2014 en Japón y el 13 de febrero de 2015 en Norteamérica.

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Why doesn't my 3DS read cartridges?

I have modded my 3DS so I can open up GodMode9 and whenever I put any cartridge in, I get the message "Game card init failed!" On the regular 3DS home screen it instead just doesn't show up. I shined a flashlight into the game cartridge slot and I can't really tell if the pins are bent. So the 3DS can detect the cartridge but it can't read it? This has stumped me for a while. It's possible I could of broken it by inserting an incredibly dirty DS download station or a R4 flash card.

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Well, I can't help you with the CFW. But if the game doesn't show up at all in the 3DS home menu, then it's probably the game card reader which need a replacement.

Luckily the game card reader is modulair, so you can replace it without soldering.

Guide: New Nintendo 3DS XL 2015 Game Card Reader Replacement

Part: Nintendo 3DS XL (2015) Game Cartridge Slot

Good luck with the repair and let us know how it goes!

Imagen de Nintendo 3DS XL (2015) Game Cartridge Slot


Nintendo 3DS XL (2015) Game Cartridge Slot


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Its modular?? THANK YOU NINTENDO!! Was so worried about soldering, I've been trying to learn how to solder, but I'm really not experienced at all.

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Yeah it is! Haha, Nintendo is improving a lot these days to make repairs easier. Soldering is required for the previous models, so you’re lucky! Good luck with the repair!

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@michaelepica @dan0 i think replacing the whole slot might be overkill here. Just put a bunch of isopropyl alcohol on the pins of one of your carts and push it in and out of the reader several times to clean the pins. (of the reader, not the cart)

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@darthmango is right. Lets try to clean it first. I should have thought about this, sorry.

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I would say what if I broke it, but like, well

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f possible test various Nintendo 3DS Game Cards in your system. If only one Game Card does not work in your Nintendo 3DS system, please check if this Game Card works properly in another Nintendo 3DS system. If the error also occurs with another Nintendo 3DS system, the Game Card is faulty.

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