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La Nintendo 3DS XL 2015, comercializada como New Nintendo 3DS XL, se lanzó el 11 de octubre de 2014 en Japón y el 13 de febrero de 2015 en Norteamérica.

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3ds not booting while blue light is on+flashing yellow led 3 times/CFW

the 3ds boots up properly at first and both the power and wireless communication leds boot up as the screens do. the thing is the wireless communication led goes full brightness after a while and starts flashing for 3 times every few seconds. i tried most of the solutions i found in the comments of the website (reinstalling luma 3ds,boot via gm9 etc.) but nothing worked.. plus i was able to boot in safe mode with R+L+A+ up-dpad and got the correct message on the console screen as everything worked fine but it still wasn't working. can anyone tell me what's wrong if they know? i hope so because i couldn't find any answer in the web and i don't want to format my 128gb sd right away.

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I'm struggling to understand the problem here. The yellow led flickering occasionally is normal, it just means wireless communication is active

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hi i'm the same user from the question: i lost my previous account and couldn't recuperate it.i know the yellow led flashes 2 times normally when the console is in a game or in its menu but it's different. the screens boot but do not show anything (they light up but stay black) and the console doesn't make any sounds. it's just the black screens and these leds turning on and the yellow one flashing without any response form the console. anyways i can still access godmode9 and luma with the button combination. here is an example of what happens (the nintendo in the video is not mine):

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in the end it s all fine. it was enough to put the console in sleeo mode and open it again to make it boot correctly!!

thanks to everyone.

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