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The Canon EOS Rebel T7, also known as the EOS 2000D, is an 24,1MP DSLR camera released in 2015.

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Mode selector won't set camera to automatic modes

Recently my camera won't go in to the automatic modes anymore. The manual modes, night portrait and the movie mode are working fine.

The automatic modes are consistently in the wrong manual mode, below a list of how it is at the moment:

  • Scene Intelligent Auto -> P
  • Flash Off -> Tv
  • Creative Auto -> Av
  • Portrait -> M
  • Landscape -> P
  • Close-up -> P
  • Sports -> Movie
  • Food -> Night Portrait
  • Night Portrait -> Night Portrait
  • Movie -> Movie

I have reinstalled the firmware, tried another battery, another SD-card and another lens (also without a lens). Nothing seems to work. I'm a bit hesitant to sent it off to Canon for a repair, since it's only the automatic modes and it is not a very high end camera.

Open to ideas!

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I managed to solve the issue. I followed this video to disassemble the camera and remove the top part.

After that, I cleaned the mode selector wheel contacts with some alcohol, assembled the camera and it worked again.

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