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Guías de reparación y soporte para las lavadoras Kenmore

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The door locks and minutes flashing but it will not do anything else

My washer just did this exact same thing and I can't find anything online besides here. Did you eventually figure it out?

Update (03/04/24)

It is a Kenmore HE2 Plus and the model number is 110.47512602

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What is the make and model number of the washer?

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Hi @elizabethk42134

Has all of the water drained out of the washer?

If not, try selecting rinse/drain and spin and then select 2nd rinse to remove any water remaining in the washer and check if the door unlocks once the water has been drained.

Is the add a garment light on?

If it is press stop once and check if the door unlocks.

If still no good here's the tech sheet for the washer.

On p.8 it details how to manually unlock the door and you can also try to run the automated diagnostic tests as shown on p.5 and see if that either resets the washer or gives an indication of what may be wrong.

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Yes all the water was drained out of it and the garment light was on. But once the door locks it won't let me do anything. None of the buttons change anything and the washer doesn't move or make a sound. We actually ended up having to order another washer as nothing we did worked and the washer was around 10 years old anyways. Thank you for your comments and help trying to fix it!

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