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Guías de reparación y soporte para las lavadoras Kenmore

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I have a Kenmore 796.4027. It comes up with an 'IE' error code.

I have a Model 796.4027. It comes up with an 'IE' error code. I don't see this in any links. The washer gets to the rinse cycle, motor seems to groan a little before rocking drum 1/4 turn. Timer stays put. Eventually times out with 'IE' code. We end up restarting, sometimes with drum full of water. It usually cycles through on second run through.


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Hi @cb3lazybw

You washer is a rebadged LG model made for Kenmore. This is based on that it is made up from only LG parts

Here's a link that shows what to check when you have an IE error code in LG machines that may help.

If everything mentioned in the link is OK, perhaps try selecting a cold or hot only wash to see if it still occurs.

If it only happens on one temperature and not the other it may be a faulty water inlet valve in the washer.

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