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Lanzado el procesador Intel Core i7 de cuatro núcleos el 24 de octubre de 2011 / 2.2, 2.4 o 2.5 GHz

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Logic board interchangeable? ‘12 13” MacBook into ‘12 15” MacBook Pro

I have a mid 2012 13” MacBook Pro (i5 CPU) it works fine aside from battery drain off of the charger has become god awful

I have a 2012 2012 15” MacBook Pro that I bought awhile back that I have not been able to use because the drive cable on the drive bay is corroded on the motherboard (many different cables used to try and fix this)

I want to transfer the 13” logic board over to the 15” system is it possible to do so?

If it’s not possible is there any way to clean the drive bay connector on the motherboard or get it working?

Update (02/10/24)

Here’s a Photo of the area that has given me trouble. A person helping me tried multiple cables so unless he got 5+ bad cables it’s that port on the logic board/motherboard

Block Image

Block Image

I used rubbing alcohol and a soft bristle toothbrush this morning to try to fix it. Just building some Mac installers now to try to boot from

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@wesleytoulouse - Sorry where’s the pics? Did you leave them in the toolbox space. If you did go into edit mode of your question and then select the image icon in the far right, double click on the image to add it to your Q where the insert pointer is.

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Sadly it’s not possible to transfer the 13” logic board into the 15” as it’s physically different so it won’t fit.

As for fixing your 15” that is possible but is it a unibody or a retina system?

Which of these:

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So turns out it is a Late 2011 15 inch MacBook pro

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@wesleytoulouse - I altered the system selection so you can now access the guides from it. How about posing some pictures of the damaged area so we can see what needs addressing.

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@wesleytoulouse - The connector looks OK, what is the drive Make & Model you are using here?

Can you post a few pics of the HD cable so we can see the connector ends as well as the general cables condition.

You’ll need to create a bootable High Sierra OS installer USB thumb drive.

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@danj I have made a high sierra boot disk.

The hd cable isn’t the issue a minimum of 3 other cables were ordered and tried and none worked

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@wesleytoulouse - What’s the Drive?? Make and Model

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