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Guías de reparación y desmontaje para celulares fabricadas por Huawei.

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Screen Glass coming away after a repair. What is the best next step?

I had my phone screen replaced at a local repair store around 4 months ago. The device has held fine in the time between then and now. In the last week or so, the glass appears to have started to lift away on one side, causing some minor ghost touches on the separated side when pushed back into place.

Currently, the local repair shop will only do another full screen replacement, and want me to pay for the replacement part again. However, the glass itself is still fully functional, and I can't see much reason in replacing it entirely. Early research on the issue tells me that the adhesive used for the glass panel is pretty readily available, but that the correct application methods generally require removing the entire glass panel first, and then re-adhering the entire panel again afterwards. Is this the best approach for what I'm after? Are there any other resources I should be looking into first?

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@iamaylacat you are looking at a glass only repair. Those Are tricky. First you will need to remove teh glass without destroying the LCD. The you have to properly clean it. After that you will have to make sure that you adhere the glass properly back on the LCD and all of that without bubbles etc. To much LOCA/OCA and you are going to get bubbles and lots of ghost touches. Unless you have done repairs like this before, I really suggest you replace the complete display.

Glass only repairs are not as easy as the YT videos like this make it out to be. After all of this, you may just be a natural and are going to get it done without any issues. The video pretty much shows you what you need to do. Let us know how it works out.

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