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La HP Compaq Presario C700 es un portátil.

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Upgraded RAM but didn't work

A friend asked me to upgrade the RAM in their Compaq Presario notebook. The correct RAM was purchased and was installed but notebook would not start.

I uninstalled the new RAM (2GB) and reinstalled the original (512MB!!!) however the computer is not starting.

Don't know where to go from here, and HP support are just not supportive at all unless I want to pay...please help!!

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What happens when you try to start the computer without any RAM?

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Haven't tried that, I assumed that it would need RAM to start

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See, or better hear what it does. Let us know if you get any beep

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Did it work before you tried to upgrade the RAM?

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yes it did, albeit extremely slow. I am really starting to think that the hard drive has had it as well. Think my friend is probably better off buying something new...unless you think it's an easy fix and not the hard drive?

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Shauna, sure sounds like you are having some difficult with getting the computer to POST. You may want to try a few things before totally giving up. First you should hook up an external monitor. this will help eliminating the display as an error. If the problem should remain, it is most likely (I am very non-committal:-) that the display is okay. After, that test, you should try and boot your computer from a boot disk or any of the OS disk that you have . Any Live-CD Linux will work great. If that works, reinstall your OS. Now it gets a bit tricky, and I suggest that you replace the battery, may be you know someone with the same model and you could just switch it out for a test. Or even try to start your computer without it. If you can turn it on with a different battery, then that is your problem. Almost there.....You can try and swap the hard drive with another 2.5" drive Fourth, if you can find someone with a 2.5" hard drive with the same interface as yours, and from the information I just read it's a SATA HDD. from here and here and more information right here. Now these are the easy parts, the more interesting thing that happens with this model laptop is a bad MOSFET. Check the PQ1 on your motherboard. It is located next to the PCN1 "where the power jack connects to the motherboard next to the memory". PQ1 is a P-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET P#: FDS6675BZ. Cost is about $1.50 at and would require soldering on the mother board. Anyhow, hopefully this gives you a few ideas on how to get back on track. Good Luck.

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