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Tableta multimedia de 7"de Barnes & Noble, lanzada en noviembre de 2011. Las soluciones son fáciles y requieren herramientas de palanca y destornilladores simples.

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Can't transfer videos to NOOK

I only have one video so I KNOW there is a lot of space. I downloaded one video and it transferred and played well. I tried to transfer another video the same way, and I keep getting a message that says "the destination if full." I tried "sending to NOOK" and I tried to "drag" to the NOOK and I still get the same message.

I have tried resetting the power button by holding it for 20 seconds and then rebooting it, and this did not help. This was suggested to me by the NOOK support team.

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Sheila, the reasons for this might be "If you read the fine print, you'll see that only 12 GB of that is usable for content, and only 1 GB of that can come from outside the B&N app store. If you want to put your own content on your Nook, you'll have to use a microSD card."from here. Try and delete Video #1 and then transfer #2 to the Nook. It should work if it is the limitation put on the nook. Hope this helps, good luck

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So what you are telling me is that if I copy a video of my own I am only allowed one or two to transfer on the NOOK. If I want a multitude of videos stored in the NOOK, I am FORCED to buy them from B & N, Right?

If I put in a microSD card, and something goes wrong with the NOOK, I am not under warrantee anymore and exactly what is a microSD card?

Sorry for being so challenged, ha ha and thank you for your help.

- de

Sheila, thank you for accepting my answer. Yes, you are right. It is not how often you transfer, but how big your files are. The only way would be to use smaller videos, i.e compressed for ipod or iPhone or to add a microSD card. As for what a micro SD is check on here and if you need to buy one ;-) check on here hope this helps, good luck.

- de

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To watch videos on the Nook Color:

Get a new MicroSD card and put it into the Nook. The Nook will ask you to format the card. Just go to Settings and DEVICE info and select format SD card. Now the MicroSD has the required folders.

Now put the Nook format MicroSD in your computer. You will see it has folders already built, including one for videos.

Pick a video file on your computer you want to load into the Nook. But the video must be in the proper format: MP4 or H.264 I use a program called AVS4YOU video converter, it converts a video file into another format. (I convert mpeg, mp2, avi, etc files into H.264 format, AVS4YOU convert also calls these formats: Apple ipod and Microsoft Zune TV ouput.

So after you converted the video to the proper format, just copy it into the SD MyFiles > video folder. And enjoy watch a movie, TV shows whatever on the Nook.

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