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Why is my dryer not heating up.

I replaced the heating element in my dryer and it did fine on the first load of laundry but it isn't heating up again.

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@jake98574 what is the exact model for your dryer? Besides replacing the heating element what else did you check?

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@oldturkey03 the model is a WED4850BW0. the coil for the element had a break in it and the thermostat that is attached was showing it had continuity before I put it on the new element

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@jake98574 can you check again and see if your heating element still shows continuity and if the thermostat still has continuity as well?

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Hi @jake98574

Here's the wiring diagram for the dryer that may help.

There are two thermostats and a fuse in the heater's operating circuit so you may have to check all of them.

If they all test OK have you checked that there is 240V AC i.e. 2 x 120V AC at the wall power outlet that the dryer is connected to or that the allocated dryer fuses in the house power box are OK? The dryer needs a 240V power supply to work. One 120V supply for the motor and controls and the other 120V supply for the heater.

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