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This unit cools or heats the water it circulates through the ChiliPad mattress pad. Model: CP-CUBE

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Anyone know thermistor part details?

Does anyone know the specs or replacement part on the thermistor? Mine went bad and I've currently just wired in a resistor to keep it working, but I'd like to be able to control the temperature again with a working thermistor.

Tech support on their end wasn't helpful. :(

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Took a gamble Amazon and found a workable one:


uxcell 2 Pcs 10K NTC Thermistor Probe 15.7 Inch Epoxy Sensitive Temperature Temp Sensor for Air Conditioner

I think the main thing is just finding a 10K NTC thermistor that is waterproof (thus Epoxy in this case).

After putting it in, water temperature was +/- 1 degree off what my thermapen registered. Not bad for $5.49 for two of them!

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