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La familia MacBook fue introducida en Mayo del 2006 y reemplazó a el iBook como la laptop para consumidores de Apple.

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fan rpm 0 as shown by istat pro

problem: laptop shuts down over cpu temp 85 C - 90 C

fan rpm is always 0

battery seems to be working fine

normal internet surfing , browsing , backing up data on external drive works fine . .but video straeming over the internet makes it super heated up above 75 C

battery is over 845 cycles

health 98%

one full battery charge lasts about 3+ hours under normal working conditions .

ALL readings by ISTAT PRO.

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Try using SMCFanControl to check the rpm.

Then give a run with the Apple Test.

Then keep us posted.

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SMCFanControl also shows 000rpm at all times in the menu bar on top !


So, I fear the fan isn't working anymore. You can find a replacement on iFixit, along with the needed conductive paste. In the meanwhile, there ar some good cooling pads.


stefano , thanks for answering :)


I replaced the fan with what i bought from Ifixit, but fan is still 000 RPM. Please help!


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