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WRS555SIHZ00 Not Defrosting

I have a whirlpool WRS555SIHZ00 refrigerator. The defrost heater on it has stopped working. I have checked the heater resistance and got ~24 and I have tested thermister and got ~2500K ohm. When I run the defrost on diagnostic, no voltage get to heater. I have reached to circuit board and and has confirmed the connectivity and resistance of heater wires (Br and Wh) to that point, looks good. I suspect that it is a control board. Do not see a thermostat in the fridge. Is there anything that I can do at bench to test and confirm that circuit board is not working. Have heard about relay switch may be going bad, how can I confirm it? Any other suggestions that you may have will be greatly appreciated before I spend big buck for a new board.

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defrost cycles are normally timed and do not use and temp sensors.


When you tested via diagnostics, did you look for voltage on the control board?

Did you measure resistance from the control board?

The easy stuff....inspect all the caps for bulging. Test all the diodes and other transistors.

If a relay operates the heater, you can ohm it out on the board, but to activate the coil to test the contacts it is best to remove it.

If it is a solid state device, you may be able to test it in ckt.

If there are any Molex connectors a VERY close inspection might reveal broken solder. It is common on furnace PCBs. Just resolder all the pins.

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