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Diagnostic Mode F8 stuck at C8

Maytag MVWB950 series top loader. It’s not draining and when going to diagnostic mode after it flash 88:88 it show F32. It cycle through C0 and at C8 it just slowly agitate, but won’t spin or drain. It stuck at C8.

Replaced the drain pump and went through reset and calibration cycle. It goes through all the cycles and stop at spin cycle.

If you press power off, it then locks the panel and beep at any button pressed.

Any idea what the issue is?

Much appreciated.

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I've worked on Maytags before, and there are a couple of things that I would try. First, see if anything is clogging or pinching the drain hose I've seen it before. Now seeing how you replace the pump and calibrated the water level sensor already I would start looking at manually opening the water valve and doing a recirculation test which also test the water pump to ensure its doing its job properly. Hopefully, it's just the hose. If not, the last test will tell you if the water pump is doing its job. Best of luck!

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