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Un disco duro SATA de 250 GB y 3,5" lanzado por Western Digital.

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Hdd is not getting detected

When i turn on the pc harddisk turns on and then turns off after 10-15 seconds. I want to recover my data from that disk. I tried to contact manufacturers of that disk but they say that disk is a copy and not a genuine one. I also tried to connect that drive to other pc but there also not getting detected

What should i do ?

That data is very much important to me. Please help

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@khushaldhumane explain to us what this means "they say that disk is a copy". There are two possible failures, The controller board or the mechanical part. If it is mechanical, you want to leave your hands off and send your drive for data recovery to a place that specialize in this. Those are not cheap.

For the controller issue, you could try to replace the controller board. I've done that a few times and successfully removed data from those drives. But, you will need to get the right board etc. Not always an easy find. Check this guide for what I am referring too,

Reemplazo del controlador de disco duro Hitachi GST Deskstar HDS721010CLA332

If you need more info or guidance, post some good pictures of your board etc. with your Question. that way we can see what you see.

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2 - 5 minutes

Imagen de Hitachi GST Deskstar HDS721010CLA332 Hard Drive Controlador


Reemplazo del controlador de disco duro Hitachi GST Deskstar HDS721010CLA332



20 minutes

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