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Repair information, service manuals, and troubleshooting help for refrigerators manufactured by LG Electronics.

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Everything is running but not getting cold

I've got a tricky fridge issue. There are many "how too" easy fixes for the fridge/freezer and I've covered nearly all of those but still, with everything basic checked out and seemingly working, it will not get cold at the evaporators/freezer section. Here is what I've already done/tried

  • Cleaned condenser coils and fan
  • Verified that both condenser fan and evaporator fan are working properly(actually replaced the evap fan- probably not needed)
  • Pinned out Linear compressor with ohm meter. No short to ground and only 1 set of pins with a readout appx 7.8 which I believe means it is ok
  • Replaced compressor relay/limit switch/Thermistor assy.
  • Ran the 4 stage control board "test button" all of which passed followed by the full reset
  • replaced the temp sensor in the freezer
  • The compressor is definitely running/vibrating/getting warm after running for time.
  • The sequencing of all the components turning on is seemingly correct.

Not sure exactly what else there is other than perhaps needing a refrigerant charge or something else I am missing.

Only notes are that

1.)I've posted in LG fridges but I really have a Kenmore. But the compressor is the LG linear type and all the PNs for replacement have been LG technically even though the match my Model (795 72043 110). I know the LG compressors have history of issues and that newer fridges generally s*ck but in theory this one should be running.

2.) Before I did the 4 stage control board test button thing it was definitely abruptly shutting itself down.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @jeff040484

Is the refrigerator compartment temperature OK?

Not sure with your question whether it is only the freezer compartment that is not getting cold or both compartments.

If it is only the freezer compartment that is not getting cold, it could be a problem with the refrigerator Refrigerant Valve part #AJU34510510 (example only), part #619D case parts diagram

The refrigerator has two evaporator units, one in each compartment and this valve is used to direct the refrigerant between the two evap units i.e. both on or one evap unit only, as required.

Perhaps it is not operating for some reason i.e. electrical or mechanical.

If you wish to see if it is is an electrical problem, here's a link to the service manual that may help, as usually they have the wiring diagrams and also the diagnostic test modes. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a free download, so you have to buy it.

If it is a faulty valve, depending on your location, you may need a licensed repairer to replace it due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases, as it is part of the sealed system.

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Thanks jayeff. It was not getting cold in either compartment. unfortunately the only fix I could conceive of next was a compressor swap. Which at the cost of the material and labor was over 70% of a new fridge. I am begrudgingly going to buy a new fridge. Such a waste. Worse is that I know there is a large $ amount of perfectly good spare parts I could salvage instead of paying someone to remove it for me. But time is also money so - New fridge delivered and old one hauled away.

- de


Pity you got rid of it.

When did you purchase the refrigerator, and did you have it from "new" i.e. you're the only owner, it's not 2nd hand?

According to the user manual under the Warranty section:

"For five years from the date of purchase, a defective sealed refrigerant system will be repaired free of charge. This coverage applies for only one year from the date of purchase if this appliance is ever used for other than private household purposes.

For ten years from the date of purchase, a defective compressor will be repaired free of charge. This coverage applies for only two years from the date of purchase if this appliance is ever used for other than private household purposes."

If it was within this time frame you may have been able to get it repaired free of charge.

- de

Good info to know - Does that apply if the previous house owner purchased the fridge and we got it with the house?

- de


Usually not. Might be different where you are though.

Perhaps ring the customer service section (see user manual linked above) and ask them, to know what their warranty criteria is.

The warranty normally only applies to the original purchaser.

Most probably as they should have original proof of purchase i.e. receipt or credit card statement etc, which has the purchase date on it.

- de

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Sounds like you have done all you can. I would suspect at this point that it is likely a blockage in the system. Could be the dryer/filter. Or just a bad compressor. Either way, that would involve opening the system and that requires a licensed tech to handle the refrigerant. Given the current life span of modern refers, it may be time for a new one.

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Thanks Bill.

In the end I did learn quite about how these things work so it was worth it in that regard.

- de

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