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Anunciada en octubre de 2013, la Nikon D5300 es una DSLR de nivel de entrada superior con un sensor de tamaño DX de 24Mp.

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My lens is not focusing I tried another lense it's working but my lens

My lens is not focusing I tried another lense it's working but my lens

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Good morning,

I am going to have to make a lot of assumptions here as i have no idea what you are asking. I am going to assume you are saying:

My main lens is not focussing however i tried another lens and that focusses just fine.

If that is the case, then buddy it's time to have a little poke around through the lens.

Before you go on the expedition through the internals of a camera lens. When you say it doesn't focus. Does it:

  • Grind when attempting to focus (Gears problem)
  • Just not even try (Software issue)
  • Flash up an error (Camera connection issue)
  • Somehow autofocus to infinity and get stuck there (Something else. I have this issue with a canon 18-55 and I have no clue why)

After you've figured out what it is, then go exploring. Make sure you keep track of what goes where because things could get a little disorganised if everything isn't kept intact.

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